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Award-Winning Speaker, Published Author, and Entertaining Instructor

Training Sessions

CET Commercial Interiors, AutoCAD® & 2020 Cap Productivity training for Furniture Dealerships

Delivered Onsite or via Webinar

Professional Hands-on

Manufacturer-specific CET Commercial Interiors Productivity training for ...

International or Domestic

Have Passport, Will Train

International Training Always Available

Need to Know

CET Level I & Level II Training – Virtual or On-Site

Enjoy Level I and Customized training on CET Designer for all major extensions (except Steelcase; sorry). Contact me directly for my checklist of CET Designer topics, my AutoCAD Cleanup Tool Palettes, and to learn more…

The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition

Click here for the Table of Contents for The AutoCAD Workbench Final Edition! The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition – Table of Contents.PDF 300 pages 340 ‘How To’ exercises 160 Gold Star Tips At the bottom…

AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 202x Update Training

Updated Revision Cloud, updated Blocks palette, updated DWG Compare (did you even know it was THERE and that it works on drawings exported from CET??). Regardless of your version – I can guarantee an improvement in your productivity after my training!

42 “Must-Know” AutoCAD Concepts for Designers …

Apart from making me sound really old, those statistics bring some ‘street cred’ to what I have discovered as the fundamental AutoCAD® skills every Designer should have.

Got Training?  I can do that! …

CET Commercial Interiors for any extension (except steelcase)
AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT for any application
2020 Cap or 2020 Worksheet for any manufacturer

Final Edition

The AutoCAD Workbench

Fourteen years in the making, The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition is a collection of 340+ ‘How-To’ exercises, over 160 Gold Star tips, and topical insights with hundreds of figures and illustrations designed to make you more productive with AutoCAD. Easy-to-follow steps give you practical examples to guide you through a broad array of commands and applications.

You have a life, The AutoCAD Workbench will help you get it back!

“If you’ve experienced a training session with Michael, you know how invaluable his lessons are. If not, his books are the next best thing! Easy-to-follow, easy-to-use and not dumbed down in a way that makes you feel like you aren’t ‘getting’ it. I love Michael’s style and love his books! A definite ‘must -have’ for either the novice or veteran CAD user.

Victoria B

Senior Project Designer

“I’m self-taught, and this was a GOLD MINE for me!”

Clients Words

Using the outcomes from the job, we will put together a plan for the most effective marketing strategy to get the best results.

Cummins Engines, Inc.

AutoCAD 2012 Update seminar

I just wanted to tell you that our 2 training days were the best training days I have spent in my 23 years here!

Carla Schroeder

Registered Interior Designer business office systems

I’ve never enjoyed any kind of training as much as I’ve enjoyed the two sessions I’ve now shared with you. You just make everything so much fun!


40 Years of Experience in the Industry …

…Training CET & CAD users in some of the most amazing organizations

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