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FAQs about The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition [AWBF]

Q:  Are you retiring?!!?!!

A:  Far from it.  After 14 years of writing Michael’s Corner and two previous Workbench books, I thought it only appropriate to go for the three-pointer!  As for retiring, it’ll be another few years.

[… and for next year, I’m considering doing something like ‘Michael’s Kitchen’; basically an AutoCAD Cookbook with the occasional food recipe thrown in!]

Q:  Does the Final Edition have everything in it that the 2nd Edition had?

A:  And then some.  The last 2-1/2 years of articles in Michael’s Corner – the last half of 2013, through my last article in 2016 – is included in the Final EditionAND – all the articles have been edited to AutoCAD 2018

Q:  How many ‘How-To’ step-by-step exercises are in the Final Edition?

A:  Total number of ‘How-To’ exercises across six chapters:  350+.  Total number of Gold Star Tips:  160+.  Total hours saved:  Countless!

Q:  Will the Final Edition still be helpful to me if I have an earlier version of AutoCAD?

A:  Yes, and here’s why:  Although the prompts and the screen shots have been updated to A2018, the PDF Import feature – introduced in AutoCAD 2017 and updated with the 2017.1.1 Subscription update – is the major change you will see if you have A2016 or earlier.  All the other articles can only serve to make you more productive with your version of AutoCAD!

How to Use The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition

RANDOM DISCOVERIES:  Like Michael’s Corner from which it was compiled – the Final Edition is a collection of tips & tricks.  One Designer told me she takes it home and just likes to flip through each page, then highlight what she wants to try when she goes back to the office.

REFERENCE:  There are six chapters – The User Interface, Creating & Editing, Annotation & Dimensioning, Plotting & Layouts, Customizing, and 3D Stuff – and a 7-1/2 page Index.

RESEARCH:  You may want to learn more about a particular feature or command, so AWBF may serve as a starting point for your research into that area.

The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition

Fourteen years in the making, The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition is a collection of 340+ ‘How-To’ exercises, over 160 Gold Star tips, and topical insights with hundreds of figures and illustrations designed to make you more productive with AutoCAD. Easy-to-follow steps give you practical examples to guide you through a broad array of commands and applications.

You have a life, The AutoCAD Workbench will help you get it back!

“If you’ve experienced a training session with Michael, you know how invaluable his lessons are. If not, his books are the next best thing! Easy-to-follow, easy-to-use and not dumbed down in a way that makes you feel like you aren’t ‘getting’ it. I love Michael’s style and love his books! A definite ‘must -have’ for either the novice or veteran CAD user.
Victoria B. – Senior Project Designer

“I’m self-taught, and this was a GOLD MINE for me!”

AWBF Spiral-bound Book + PDF version: US$ 30.00
Best Value!

A Bit About the Author: Michael E. Beall

Michael E. Beall is the owner of CAD Trainer Guy, LLC in Shelbyville, KY. Mr. Beall provides customized, hands-on, application-specific training on all versions of Autodesk® AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® products, Autodesk Revit® Fundamentals, CAP Designer, 20-20 Worksheet, and Visual Impression. All seminars can be presented either on-site or as a webinar.

Michael has been presenting CAD seminars to the A&D community, facility departments and the contract furniture industry since 1982 and on AutoCAD since 1990. A popular speaker, Michael has presented at numerous trade shows, and for several years at Autodesk University. At AU
2013, he won the coveted ‘Speaker Award’ for his Hands‐On Lab, ‘Click My Ride: Customizing AutoCAD for How You Work’. All the content from his AU sessions are in the Final Edition. Over the last 35 years he has trained on 6 continents, 11 countries, 41 states, and Guam.

As an Autodesk Authorized Author, he authored two volumes of Autodesk Official Training Courseware, and has authored or co-authored five titles published by New Riders Publishing, including the popular ‘Inside AutoCAD’ series.

Mr. Beall received his B.Arch from the University of Cincinnati/DAA in 1978. You will also find AutoCAD tips, and assorted productivity files over on the Downloads page.

Additional AutoCAD insights can be found at Michael’s Corner Archive on CADTutor.net from which this book was inspired.

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