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AutoCAD 2015 Update training at Bialek

For my on-site training sessions, I hook up my laptop to your projector or flatscreen, and off we go!  For hands-on classes, the ideal class size is 10 or less … but I’m flexible.

Each participant receives a training workbook covering the topics presented, and I make every effort to present application-specific exercises.

FYI Training Bits …

    • You can have as many folks in the training as you would like.
    • Invite your customers/associates; requesting a fee to offset your cost is up to you.
    • If your city is close to, or one served by Southwest Airlines, all the better.
    • Recommend someone for training!! If I train ’em, you receive $100 credit on your next session.

Michael’s ‘Training Menu’

MEMO: If you are an existing customer, all courses listed below can be presented via webinar … with the exception of the fundamentals class, “Autodesk® AutoCAD®: From the Beginning to Productivity”.

♦  The Autodesk® AutoCAD® 201x Update

[A2014/A2015/A2016/A2017 or A2018]

Regardless of your version, there are certain Need-To-Know commands, settings, and features that will improve your productivity.  This 7-hour course is customized to your versionA2013 through A2017 – so please specify your version.
Experiencing AutoCAD Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  AutoCAD® 3D for Designers:

Materials, Lighting, and Visual Styles

Why take a drawing into SketchUp when you have immensely more power in AutoCAD?  This 7-hour session will get you looking at AutoCAD in a whole new light.  We cover the creating and editing of 3D Surfaces and 3D Solids, applying materials, positioning lights, and how to create your own visual style.
3D Review For Designers Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  Customizing AutoCAD® for How You Work

This 7-hour training includes the Autodesk University® 2013 award-winning customizing exercises.  You create a custom Panel on the Ribbon and also see how to add the same command to the Quick Access Toolbar.  Editing hot keys, how to create a one-line lisp, and how to edit the ACAD.PGP file are also here.  Even customizing of Rollover Tips and the content of Quick Properties!  In addition to some quality time in the Customize User Interface [CUI], ‘Gold Star’ tips are also presented along the way.
Customizing AutoCAD Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  Autodesk® AutoCAD®:  From the Beginning to Productivity

From the US military in Guam, to steel mills in Tennessee, to an island in the Caribbean, I have presented AutoCAD fundamentals to hundreds.  Whatever your application, knowing the basics will vastly improve your productivity.  Typically recommended for at least two days, the fundamentals training I did for Chevron in Angola, Africa was given over the course of two weeks.  Always presented using your current drawings or projects, whatever you can make time for, it will be time well spent.
AutoCAD Essentials Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  Autodesk® Revit®  for Designers

Since 2012, dozens of your peers have already partaken of my 7-hour, ‘Autodesk® Revit® for Designers’ onsite, hands-on seminar.  Covering the fundamentals of when you first launch Revit, through importing Families, at the end of this session, you will feel much more confident in navigating through and speaking about this forceful software in our industry.
Revit for Designers Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  42 Must-Know AutoCAD® Concepts for Designers

When I sorted through the hundreds of topics in the Index of my book – The AutoCAD Workbench, 2nd Edition –  I came up with seven “Must-Know” concepts from each of the six chapters of the book.  For those of you wanting to ‘know-what-you-should-know’ if you’re a Designer at a contract furniture dealership – or in any discipline requiring fundamental AutoCAD skills – take a look at my list of the 42 topics I consider the ‘Must Know’ concepts and features everyone should know if they’re using AutoCAD in a production environment.
42 Must Know Concepts in AutoCAD [PDF]

[AutoCAD® and Revit® are products of Autodesk, Inc.]


When requesting ‘CAP Training’, please see the offerings below.  Let me know if you want CAP Designer training – the AutoCAD-based module or training on the ‘Bill of Materials’ module, 20-20 Worksheet, typically used by Sales, Project Managers, and other non-graphic folks within your organization.

[CAP Studio, CAP Designer, 20-20 Worksheet, and Visual Impression
are all premier software products from 20-20 Technologies, Inc.]

♦  CAP Designer Training

This 7-hour course is customized to your primary product line of systems furniture.  For product lines with tile/skins/elements, Panel Builder is presented with a focus on your specific catalog.  This session covers the creation of CAP Parts, CAP Standards, and CAP Boundaries, and creating a Worksheet [.SP4] from the drawing.
CAP Designer Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  20-20 Worksheet Training

In response to customer requests, my 20-20 Worksheet training can be presented in a 4-hour session for Sales, and Project management personnel, or as a 6-hour session for Designers.
20-20 Worksheet Short Table of Contents [PDF]
20-20 Worksheet Full Table of Contents [PDF]

♦  Visual Impression for Designers

As promised, if one more Designer asked me, “Do you train on Visual Impression”, I was going to have to start offering training.  You win!  The training is a 4-hour review of this powerful rendering software.  If you’re interested in more information, please let me know.
Visual Impression Review Table of Contents [PDF]

The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition – CHRISTMAS SALE!

Fourteen years in the making, The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition is a collection of 340+ ‘How-To’ exercises, over 160 Gold Star tips, and topical insights with hundreds of figures and illustrations designed to make you more productive with AutoCAD. Easy-to-follow steps give you practical examples to guide you through a broad array of commands and applications.

You have a life, The AutoCAD Workbench will help you get it back!

“If you’ve experienced a training session with Michael, you know how invaluable his lessons are. If not, his books are the next best thing! Easy-to-follow, easy-to-use and not dumbed down in a way that makes you feel like you aren’t ‘getting’ it. I love Michael’s style and love his books! A definite ‘must -have’ for either the novice or veteran CAD user.
Victoria B. – Senior Project Designer

“I’m self-taught, and this was a GOLD MINE for me!”

AWBF Spiral-bound Book + PDF version: US$ 45.00
Best Value!

A Bit About the Author: Michael E. Beall

Michael E. Beall is the owner of CAD Trainer Guy, LLC in Shelbyville, KY. Mr. Beall provides customized, hands-on, application-specific training on all versions of Autodesk® AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® products, Autodesk Revit® Fundamentals, CAP Designer, 20-20 Worksheet, and Visual Impression. All seminars can be presented either on-site or as a webinar.

Michael has been presenting CAD seminars to the A&D community, facility departments and the contract furniture industry since 1982 and on AutoCAD since 1990. A popular speaker, Michael has presented at numerous trade shows, and for several years at Autodesk University. At AU
2013, he won the coveted ‘Speaker Award’ for his Hands‐On Lab, ‘Click My Ride: Customizing AutoCAD for How You Work’. All the content from his AU sessions are in the Final Edition. Over the last 35 years he has trained on 6 continents, 11 countries, 41 states, and Guam.

As an Autodesk Authorized Author, he authored two volumes of Autodesk Official Training Courseware, and has authored or co-authored five titles published by New Riders Publishing, including the popular ‘Inside AutoCAD’ series.

Mr. Beall received his B.Arch from the University of Cincinnati/DAA in 1978. You will also find AutoCAD tips, and assorted productivity files over on the Downloads page.

Additional AutoCAD insights can be found at Michael’s Corner Archive on from which this book was inspired.

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